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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trees Bending to the Ground

It is barely a white thin coating of snow on the ground and already the trees have branches bent full over to the ground.

This could get interesting.

SIDE NOTE: Most of our "typical" trees,like Red maple, Sugar maple, Ash, Hickory, have all lost all of their leaves already. They are used to this whole crazy bit about living in New England. The trees with the most leaves in general, with exceptions, are the invasive exotics, like the Norway Maple. This is Mother Nature's way of showing ecological zone preferences for particular species. For example: Late leaves are an advantage for extra photosynthesis and energy storage, right up until the early season snow storm breaks the tree. End of advantage.

1 comment:

Joe said...

The Norway Maple in our front yard has lost some branches already.
Driving home from Marlbroro(ugh) it seems like most branches down were some kind of Maple. And the clusters of Birches are bending over nearly to the ground.