Cascading Waters can be found at 135 Olean Street on the eastern edge of Worcester's northwest parklands, the Cascades. The Cascades are 350 acres of park and conservation lands along the borders of Worcester, Paxton, and Holden, Massachusetts. Home to countless species of plants and animals, the Cascades are open to passive recreation year-round.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Red Skies at Morning

March may not go out like a lamb today, but the sunrise was spectacular this morning if you caught it around 6:30! (Cascading Waters)

We have already had a number of hikers moving through this morning.

Presently it is 7:25am and partly cloudy with a light breeze.
The temperature is 29.8 degrees and rising.
The humidity is 79% and steady.
The pressure is 30.50" and steady.
The USFS Forest Fire Danger is MODERATE.

Bikers have also been moving up and down Olean Street.

Folks look to be getting in their exercise outdoors before the predicted weather system gets a chance to swing in.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Warm weather, sun, all that is missing are leaves!

The time now is 2:08pm and it is sunny and warm:
The temperature is 48.0 degrees F and rising;
The humidity is 35% and steady;
The pressure is 30.56" of mercury and steady;
There is a light breeze.

We have been having hikers move through all day.

The moss is decidedly green and I would begin to expect buds and leaves in our near future if this keeps up!

There are spots of mud and occasional puddles, but on the whole most trails are fairly dry.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sunny and cold

Just met a student photographer in the driveway, taking advantage of the sun to get some nature photos in. Good luck to him!

Today it is brilliantly sunny and clear.
Temperature at 1 pm is 34 degrees with a breeze
54% humidity, and the snow didn't accumulate enough to count.
Barometer is still rising at 30

Nice day for a hike, but bundle up, especially if you are heading up the hill!

Friday, March 28, 2008

and a not-so-warm spring day

...though we have avoided the snow!

at 2:30, it is 33 degrees, and still playing the line between freezing and not.
94% humidity and .24 inches of rain so far today.
Not currently raining.
Barometric pressure steady at 29.

Cold and wet. We even had a bit of sleet earlier.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Warm Spring Day

The fifty degree day is very very welcome.
Too bad it is clouding over with a threat of rain in the air.
That's spring for you.

Right now it is 1:25pm and:
50.4 degrees F and rising;
38% humidity and steady;
29.94" of mercury and steady;
USFS Forest Fire Danger is MODERATE.

Enjoy the warmth!
There is a fair amount of soft and muddy ground out there after last night's freeze. Be prepared for muddy spots.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Snow? Again?

We woke up this morning to just a dusting of...snow? again?

Ah, well.

At 9am, the brook is running fast and a Junior Ranger reports that the trail is "muddy." Only a bit, though, as it again froze overnight.
Current temperature is 39 degrees and rising
90% humidity and raining gently
Accumulation so far today is .04 inches
Barometer holding steady at 29

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cascading Waters Property Monitoring Report

The good, the bad, and the ugly are all laid bare in a property monitoring report.
Without this sort of honest analysis it is impossible to fix problems and to improve the user experience of the public access and wildlife on Trust parcels.
When you come out and have a genuinely lovely day along the brook know that there is a gritty work side for the Rangers and Volunteers over the course of the year to make that experience possible.

March 25th, 2008

Started out at the Lodge at 4:00 pm ended at 5:30pm.

Walked north along the boundary line to the SW corner with Cataract Street, then N along Cataract Street to the NW corner, then E along the property line (excepting the swamp in the NW corner) to the property jog half way along the N boundary line, crossed the stream and walked E on the Cascades Trail to the driveway entrance, then walked N to the NE corner on Olean Street, then W back to the jog halfway along the N bound, then S on the Olean Street edge to the SE corner, then W along the boundary line to the Lodge. Walked back and forth along the N side of the Cascades Brook.
Evidence of Property Use: Good amount of trail traffic based on the lack of leaf litter. Purple compact 'clown car' of five-six high school youth who hiked west on trail while monitoring. They came to hang out, one of them smoking illicit stuff, one of them needed to be chased off (actually just a yelled "Hey!") from relieving himself in the brook in broad daylight (completely aggravating). They were surprised and quickly altered behavior when confronted from a distance. Compared to the typical actual hikers as users we see each day I have to say that this was dispiriting, but I was glad to be there and to stop this ridiculousness. They mostly hung out and watched the falls then went and sat in their car in the parking lot for a while. They left no litter and cause no further problems.
Man Made Alterations: There was loose brush that was cut and thrown over onto the property in the NW, but not a ton of it and thankfully so. Not sure what best to do on this count. Generally the property was free of alterations. The small trees and bushes planted over the last two years were still present and showing life to some degree.All in all pretty good.
Natural Alterations: The brook has had a number of flood and near flood stages and the whole of the property shows evidence of it. There are cleared paths lacking leaf litter where overland streams flowed, mostly in the SW and NE corners of the property. There are evidences of erosion on the brook edges from the high flow. There is evidence of high wind with a number of blown down trees (like over five and some quite large.) The secondary branch of the brook that runs more northerly after the mini falls on the property is looking like it got flow and like it might become the main branch if we keep getting these big rain storms at some point. The property is changing with the brook thinking about new routes. There are also shelves of leaf and sticks piled up by floods that now retain pools of water in the brook.
Trail Conditions: Good overall. No terrible trail erosion spots. No mud holes. The rise on the western terminus next to the brook and the bridge could probably benefit from a hand rail at some point if that were possible. Blazes were good.
Water Related Issues: None of any particular concern.
Abutter Issues: Construction debris and yard waste present, but mostly removed by the end of the monitoring walk.
Property Signage: The boundary line could use posting with GWLT bound markers. That would likely help keep construction debris and yard waste down from hired hands. Also could benefit from a property sign on Cataract Street both for Cascading Waters and for Cascades Park.
Wildlife Observed: Sad to say none. That was partly due to my single-minded focus on finding and bagging trash though. There was a great Pileated Woodpecker I got to see fairly close this morning up at Cascades West, but nothing on the monitoring walk.
Plants Observed: Tons of plants observed! See below.
Woody Plants: Red Maple, Ash, Norway Maple, Sugar Maple, Shagbark Hickory, the Balsam Fir and White Pine Planted a whiles back on the bound line. There was more but I didn't make a list so this is what I recall.
Non Woody: Not much observed to be honest. It is too early in the spring for a lot of that stuff.
Other Comments: Lots of trash was collected during the walk. 4 large bags in all. Still need to go back and work away at the 10 year old + green carpet half-buried on the N boundary line near the NW corner. All obvious trash was removed from the whole of the property including the brook. Collected the most trash along the two street edges. Collected a fair amount of trash next to the three residential abutters and in particular a lot of building debris overflow on the N property line. Plenty of evidence of alcohol consumption on the Cataract Street edge N of the bridge over the Cascades. Some other evidence of illicit activity there as well. Might consider a monitoring device. Found a "No Parking 10pm-6am Both Sides" sign pulled down and half buried. Dug it out and propped it up.
Photos: None taken. None needed.
Annotated Map: No.
Illustrations: No.
Work Project Needed: Dig a new hole, get some concrete and reinstall the abused "No Parking" at night sign for Cataract Street. Install GWLT property boundary signs.

Out like a lamb?

This is the last week of March, and, while we've been lucky in our lack of storms, it's a bit too chilly to say it's really going out like a lamb. It's below freezing every night lately.

At 8 am, it's 26 degrees and rising.
50% humidity
Clear skies, with the barometer holding steady
Fire danger is MODERATE (not enough rain lately?)

Busy day on the trails lately: kids up on the Cascades, hikers, and at least one biker. Cars in and out of the parking lot all day.

Enjoy the sun!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Another Sunny Day in the Cascades

8:30am along the Cascades Trail
There is a very gentle breeze.
The temperature is 28.0 degrees and rising;
The pressure is 30.18" of mercury and steady;
The humidity is 50% and falling;
The USFS Forest Fire Danger is NONE.

The trail is frozen as yet.
The brook is running, and the Cascades have some flow.
The radar map promises an excellent day out here.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lots of hikers

Lots of hikers coming through today.
Both on foot from the neighborhood and in vehicles.

The utility shed got a new temporary (4 mil) roof today.

Presently it is 6:15pm and clear with a light breeze:
It is 38.7 degrees F and falling;
It is 31% humidity and steady;
It is 29.74" of mercury and steady.

Sunny with a breeze

Right now it is sunny with a breeze, but nothing like the crazy winds we had yesterday.
Those winds shredded the temporary plastic sheeting on top of the utility shed.
We all needed another project anyway.

Yesterday I was out on the property pulling down the old subdivision flagging from years back, and the wetlands flagging from over a year back.
Since the property is well protected now, and a new surveyed plan is recorded, there is no reason to keep the lot lines proposed for the subdivision by the previous developer.
The wetlands lines were part of defense of the waterways, wetlands, and natural resources of the site while adjacent development was going on.
Since those flags only have a legal validity for a number of months and the adjacent development is completed there is no reason to keep that up anymore either.
Since all of this flagging was "defensive" in one way or another it is great to be able to pull it down with comfort that the challenges have receded.

The neat part is that now the trees, bushes, and stream are the focal point and not the pink, orange, blue flagging tape on trees.
A definite plus!

Right now it is 10:05am and we have hikers.
The temperature is 35.4 degrees F and rising.
The humidity is 40% and steady.
The pressure is 29.77" mercury and steady.
The USFS Forest Fire Danger is NONE (They worked out the kinks in posting.)

While walking the property it is clear that there is need of a litter patrol before the vegetation leafs in. Among the weirder items removed yesterday was the inflatable tube and a green inside-out umbrella.

On a more positive note a number of the trees and bushes planted in previous years are out there and still alive. In particular there are a number of Balsam fir and White pine planted for screening in some far distant day that have made it through their second and first years respectively.

The brook is running with icicles hanging off of low branches and sticks and the Cascades have a little flow as well.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Junior Ranger reports

A junior ranger's trek to the mailbox gives us the following report:
"It's cold and sunny. The brook is running fast. The trail is very frozen. I saw squirrels."
She would also recommend wearing a coat!

At 10 am, it's 33 degrees
Clear and sunny
47% humidity and very windy
Unless conditions have changed, fire danger is LOW

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hawk sighting

This just in from Caretaker at the Lodge:
"I was walking up from Olean Street after fetching the paper when my eyes caught a big white swoop in front of and before me. The full sized hawk went about ten feet over my head and swooped up to land in a branch some 12-15 feet up in a tree. He had noted me as he went by and turned nonchalantly to watch me pass directly underneath him. It didn't phase him in the least. He did not have a strongly "red" tail. Once in the Lodge I watched him swoop low above the front lawn before landing in a tree over by the Cascades Trail to look for unsuspecting birds, mice, etc. It was pretty wild to have such a large bird moving by so close. After last night's skunk and looking out over the very green carpet of moss out front I cannot help but feel that nature is waking up to the fact that this is the vernal equinox and spring is here!"

Wet, cloudy, but hopeful

Presently it is 7:30am and cloudy.

Last night it rained as much as all of yesterday, so add another 0.39" to the mix.

It is 36.3 degrees F and steady.
It is a very damp 98% humidity and steady.
The pressure is at 29.26 and falling.
The radar map shows clearer skies coming in.

The Cascades Brook is full and the Cascades are running.

There is no getting around the fact that the trails are muddy, especially and we didn't get a ground freeze last night. Wear muck wear and keep to the trails even if they are muddy, lest you damage the surrounding woodlands. This trail etiquette was offered by the Godfather of the East Side Trail the other day and it is entirely appropriate to the season.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Snow isn't gone yet

We did get some snow last night, which is quickly being washed away by cold showers. That smell of thawing is still in the air, though! Wear your waterproofs if you head out today.

At 9am it is 33 degrees
90% humidity (light rain)
Rain accumulation is too small to measure as yet
Barometer is still falling

UPDATE 12:14pm
Though this seems crazy with snow falling last night, and rain today,
the USFS lists the Forest Fire Danger as MODERATE.
My guess is that it was right up until the skies opened and that tomorrow it will be low or none.

UPDATE 11:00pm
At 10pm a skunk was wandering across the driveway. He headed off of the driveway and headed east going up the Cascades Trail towards the bridge.

Today saw 0.39" of rain
Also the USFS got things worked out and today's Forest Fire Danger Class was LOW.
That makes much moire sense.

Presently it is 34.9 degrees F and steady;
It is 98% humidity;
The pressure is 29.47" of mercury and falling.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring is coming!

One of the junior Rangers here said it this morning: "Spring is coming!" You can smell it in the air.

Still rather brisk out there this morning, but at least the mud is consequently frozen!

At 9:20 it is 34 degrees and rising.
43% humidity
Clear skies and barometer is steady.
Fire danger is LOW

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunshine and Wind

8:30 am here at the Lodge.

The wind is constant with occasional gusts.
Presently it is 26.8 degrees F and steady.
Usually the sun warms things up nicely but the wind is helping to keep the temperature down by blowing away the solar gain. Hang in there the sun always wins.
The humidity is 53% and steady.
The barometer is 30.27" of mercury and rising (implying more good weather to come!)
The USFS Forest Fire Danger is NONE.

The blades of grass have a suspiciously greener look to them, as does the moss.
Thursday at 1:48pm is when the sun crosses the equator and we have Vernal Equinox.
Spring is very nearly here.
What snow remains look like it has been orphaned.

It is worth noting that at present the ground is still frozen solid.
Get you hike in early enough and you can avoid the mud.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pleasant, if Cloudy Day

Fair amount of traffic at the Cascades up on Cataract Street.
Some traffic here at the trailhead as well.

Presently it is 1:35pm;
It is 40.6 degrees F and rising;
75% humidity and steady;
29.85" of mercury and steady;
The USFS Forest Fire Danger is NONE.

The ground is wet, but not nearly as muddy and boggy as last week.
There are a few isolated spots of snow and ice but they are fairly infrequent.

There is some water coming down the Cascades and the Brook continues to babble.

UPDATE 4:10pm:
The trail traffic and sightseers at the Cascades continue all day long despite the cloudiness.
A very excellent thing to see!

Presently it is 42.8 degrees F and rising;
It is 65% humidity and falling;
It is 29.85" of mercury and steady.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Snow, rain, wind and..... a hike!

This morning there is a hike from the Lodge starting at 9am that is a joint MassAudubon GWLT endeavour.

Presently it is 8:13am snowing,
33.8 degrees F and steady;
97% humidity and steady;
29.59" of mercury and steady;
and USFS Forest Fire Danger is LOW.

9:00am UPDATE:
The hike was called off by MassAudubon on account of the weather.
The hike will be rescheduled.
Presently it is 33.8 degrees F;
97% humidity and steady;
29.62" of mercury and steady.

The brook is babbling, and there is a little flow on the Cascades.

10:10am UPDATE:
The snow that was not predicted has now blanketed the woods.
34 degrees is pretty marginal for snowfall, but there it is, and it was cold enough last night where it stuck and built up.
Yesterday's 50 degrees and brief moments of sun are just a memory.

There are few spots of snow from earlier in the winter here and there, but even they are looking modest like memories.

Friday, March 14, 2008

A nice, warm, and cloudy day next to the brook

The rain never manifested today.
Thus we had a warm in the 50's day.

Today also saw another crew head out to boil sap at Nick's Woods led this time by Joanne.
The buckets were at the overflowing point and she simply couldn't bear to think of the lost opportunity.

Presently it is muddy but warm and decidedly cloudy at 6:41pm:
46.6 degrees F and falling;
51% humidity and steady;
29.71" of mercury and steady;
USFS Forest Fire Danger is LOW.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


While it continues to be below freezing at night, it is bouncing back up in the forties each day. The trails, therefore, are pretty sticky (except first thing in the morning). Dress your feet accordingly!
(plenty of "mud" tags lately!)

At 5 pm, it's 41 degrees
Clouds coming in; barometer falling
34% humidity

And, speaking as someone who did yesterday, I'd recommend against falling in the brook. It's rather chilly.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Waves of Rain and Snow

Back and forth all morning there have been waves of rain and snow.
Right now it is a thick and heavy layer of snow falling.
If the rest of the morning is any judge a layer of rain will follow and melt it all away.

Right now it is 11:58 am:
35.6 degrees F and steady;
96% humidity and steady;
29.47" of mercury and falling.

While at the moment there is a blanket of snow generally the trails are just wet with patches of compacted ice from the storms going back a ways.

Dusting of snow

It was just cold enough this morning to give us a bit of snow before it switched over to mist.
33 degrees
95% humidity
The precipitation was small enough not to register.
Fire danger is LOW

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Ok, so someone is feeling pretty ridiculous.

Inflating a tube and throwing it in the Cascades Brook? In March?

It hung up just below the small falls in the midst of Cascading Waters.

Whoever was looking for attention, well, you got it.

Another Bright, Clear, Cold Morning

As of 7:45 am it is bright, clear and cold.
The temperature is 22.3 degrees F and steady;
The humidity is 56% and steady;
The pressure is 30.06" of mercury and steady;
The USFS Forest Fire Danger is LOW.

These are the perfect conditions for maple sugaring.
Nights below freezing, and warm days over freezing.
The buckets out at Nick's Woods should fill up nicely for Roger tonight.

Above is a picture of a dedicated Volunteer Ranger keeping an eye on the 'high tech' boiling operation in the woods.

Presently the ground has refrozen, and will turn to mud.
The Cascades are running with a good coating of ice around the edges.

We had hikers here yesterday admiring the Cascades.

Having gotten later into the season, with the sun rising at a higher angle at this time of day we are getting the bright reflection of the sun off of Cook's Pond again up here in the Lodge. The time change has also filled more of the working day with sun. Spring is marching our way.

With any luck we will get the 'run-down' mailbox back up and in operation today.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Maple Sugaring at Nick's Woods

As a side note the Greater Worcester Land Trust has been tapping and sugaring sugar maple trees at the Nick's Woods property in North Worcester (there is a large sign on Rte. 122A.)

Saturday the stage was set by Roger, Mike, Kim, and Bob (with critical technical assistance from Richard) with tapping and hanging buckets (in the rain no less.)
Sunday afternoon saw the first boil of the season led by Roger.
Today I worked with a crew to boil down some 6 plus large galvanized buckets of sap.
Tonight we were boiling that down further to "finish" the syrup on the stove.

Final result: 2 quarts of Worcester's own Maple Syrup!

This is our third year of making maple syrup here in Worcester and the results never fail to amaze me.

Presently the Lodge smells nice and the refrigerator is chilling it down.

Clear, Cold, Frozen Ground

After yesterday's "mud day" it went down real low last night.
It was 21 degrees and rising when we first took a look this morning.

Presently it is clear with a wind at 8:45 am:
23.7 degrees F and rising;
58% humidity and steady;
30.21" of mercury and steady;
USFS Forest Fire Danger is LOW.

Yesterday saw hikers come through to view the Cascades running strong.
All of the rain and warmth has limited but not eliminated the slick icy spots.
The overnight freezes add to the mix, but it is still easier than the large extents of packed snow turned to ice.

The Cascades are running with iced edges due to spray and the brook is moving fast with icicles in spots.

It is a beautiful day.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

High pressure system

(as some of us can attest from our sinuses!)

At 11 am (thank you, Daylight Savings!) it is 33 degrees
Clear skies and barometer still rising
48% humidity
Very windy
Bundle up if you're heading out

The Cascades are spectacular this morning!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Lots of water

Rain over today: 1.15 inches!

And the falls are ROARING!

Rainy day

While we already saw one enthusiastic golden lab go through with a walker this morning, we're imagining that there won't be many more today. While it is not actively raining now, it did quite a bit last night (.35 inches) and will again later.
Right now it's 35 degrees.
98% humidity
Cloudy skies

There's very little snow cover left, but LOTS of mud!
And the Cascades are roaring this morning.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Hikers Report from the Trails

(this warmer weather is bringing everyone out!)

A hike late yesterday of the Newton Trail showed it in good shape. There's a bit of mud scaling the hill, but nothing insurmountable. The brook is in full spate and quite a fun crossing.

Connecting to the Cascades trail to head down to the Lodge, we quickly discovered that even the switchback spur is a difficult, slithery descent. The mud, the leaves, the rapidly disappearing snow cover all combine with the steep slope to make it a tricky, possibly muddy, hike (slide?) down.

(This is especially true if you're under four feet tall!)

Unless you're really up for this, we'd recommend descending the Cascades trail from the other end!

Mud season

It looks as though we've just reached mud season. Plan your footwear accordingly!

At 2pm, it's 46 degrees (it's been rising today).
Lowest humidity in some time: 55%
And the clouds are rolling in!

If you plan on hiking, get it in today if you can, as it looks to be a wet weekend!
On the other hand, if we get as much rain as they're forecasting, the Cascades should be spectacular by Sunday!

Downed in the line of duty

You may note the absence of our friendly green mailbox at the end of the driveway.

Fear not! Vandals have not gone after it!

It was downed in the line of duty this morning by a friendly carpooler, steering between the tree and erring on the side of the mailbox.

It might be down for a bit with the ground frozen.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hikers Report from the Trails

Asked the hikers returning for a trails update:

Pretty icy up there!
And very wet in spots.

The streams are swollen enough where we had to do some fording of streams as well.

The Cascades are beautiful.

Really nice!

(NOTE: They were both hiking with poles)
Thanks Lee!

And then the Ground Froze

This morning we woke up to cold temperatures and a frozen ground.
As things were sopping wet and muddy yesterday this promises to be helpful, for the morning at least.

The phone is back. Thus we post from the side of the brook again.
Probably some technical problems down at Tatnuck Square where there has been a round-the-clock encampment of Verizon folks for several days now.

Presently it is 8:07 am and sunny:
It is 33.6 degrees F and rising;
It is 74 % humidity and falling;
The mercury is at 30.06" and rising;
The USFS Forest Fire Danger is LOW;
The radar map for the North East is clear.

We have hikers out there this morning!
A very pretty day for it.

The brook is swollen, but not nearly as much of a rushing torrent as yesterday, and the Cascades are running, but more subdued.

Good day for a hike.
If you are out early focus on traction, and if you head out later focus on waterproof.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Weather Breaks

The sun is out.
There is a wind.
The earth is drying out.

And the phone has no chance at being repaired before Saturday at the earliest.

Break out the oil lamps!

Lots of Rain!

Lots of rain..... and no phone service.
No phone service, No internet.
No internet, No Blog entry from the Lodge.

I have to say that it's funny, the Lodge is definitely in the city, and in a neighborhood.
Heck, it is in between two streets!
Yet, it is also at the edge of hundreds and hundreds of acres of open forest.
It is on a trail, next to a brook, below the Cascades.
There are no buildings behind it.

When there is 6" of snow on the ground and no shovelling has taken place the lodge feels more remote and deeper into the forest.
When there is a shoveled path or trail, but it isn't possible to get the vehicle up to the lodge it is not quite as remote, but it requires a short hike uphill to get there and again feels a bit more in the forest.
In a strong wind and rain storm with trees falling around the house it is decidedly remote and sort of wild.
Loss of electricity, excitedly remote.
And now, a new wrinkle, no phone service.... remote.

The ability to call, to log-in, to chat is gone.
The place of the phone in tying you into the world is pretty big, and pretty noticable when you are on a psychological fringe of the forest.
It is unexpected, exciting, and a project to fix.
It is also a cell phone deadspot for most carriers.

Yesterday we had 0.51" of rain.
As of 9:00 am we had another 0.59" of rain.

There is still snow on the ground, though a fairly thin layer that all but disapears when you step on it.
The brook has swollen well beyond its banks (there are smaller trees in the brook.)
The Cascades are definitely running, and have some volume!
The northern side channel of the brook has water, but no flow as yet.

As for the trail, it is in fine shape, and is very visible.
Traction is key, and waterproof is next in line for priorities.
Tricky spot is the rise from Cascading Waters to Cataract Street where is is slick and icy and right next to the brook.
As the ground is pretty frozen and snow covered head in away from the brook bank and walk on the snow, as it is safer and won't expand the trail or erode away the ground cover.

As of 9:00 am the conditions were cloudy, but no rainfall:
35.4 degrees F and steady;
98% humidity and steady;
29.47 " of mercury and still falling.

The Cascades are quite nice and the Visitors Parking Area is open and clear.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Spring weather

I'll spare you the truism about New England weather and how fast it changes. Suffice to say the enormous amount of snow that we got on Saturday is rapidly disappearing ('though I'd say the snowbanks will be sticking around for awhile).

Great day for a hike, if you don't mind getting a bit damp (looks like rain on and off all day) and have mud-resistant footwear. And watch out for the occasional patch of ice: it's sent more than one person sprawling already here this morning!

At 12:30 it is 44 degrees.
97% humidity and misting.
Barometer holding steady.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Heading up today

The forecast calls for the temp to head up into the forties today. If that happens, we should have some good melting going on, taking care of some of that ice that has formed over the weekend.
At 7:45, outside temperature is 24 degrees.
74% humidity.
Skies are a bit overcast, but, as the barometer is rising, those clouds should be heading out.

Sunday, March 02, 2008


First and foremost the visitors lot is open (Thanks for the help Karl!.)

Yesterday we had three groups of hikers going through (that we noted; there could have been more.) Today also saw three groups pass through the trailhead.

Yesterday, after the snow fell, and we shovelled, and shovelled, it got really warm and the previously fluffy snow compacted. We never got a good read on the depth. The National Weather Service registered 5.5" up at the airport (the record being 6.9" in 1904, so close but no cigar), and we will just have to go with that.
Then we retired to the lodge for lunch. So it snowed some more. The executive decision was made that we'd just let it be. Luckily it was only a short squall and didn't amount to much and the sun took care of that.

As is typical lately it immediately froze solid last night after a good period of melting. Expect slick spots on the trails mixed into the snow.

Tomorrow promises to be very warm. Play hokey and jump on the trail!

Presently it is 9:00 pm:
26.6 degrees F and steady;
58% humidity and steady;
30.18" of mercury and rising;
USFS Forest Fire Danger is LOW.

The brook is running and fighting to keep doing so.

For the fun of it imagine all the snowfall we have had this season out on your lawn at once, all 68.2" of it! This year the snow is keeping us all in shape!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Snow Snow Snow!

There is at least three to four inches out there without even measuring.
It is coming down with an enthusiasm that implies even more!

We have already had activity in the Visitor lot this morning.

The trail is buried.

Presently it is 9:00 am and snowing:
26 degress F and steady;
91 % humidity and steady;
29.80" of mercury and falling;
USFS Forest Fire Danger is LOW.

We will get out there to measure the depths in a bit.