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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tree Branch Down

First of all, things here are quiet at the moment.
Earlier we had "pop" noises, followed after a few seconds by a crash.

The most exciting was accommodated by a "bang" as something hit the roof.
No holes (checked from the inside), and the most puzzling orientation.
We will have to head out in the morning light to see which tree it came from and how it could possibly come to rest the way that it did.

Well, all is well for now!

8:10 pm conditions:

USFS Fire Danger rapidly decreases from MODERATE to NONE! (surprise surprise);
(Another "pop" pause..... "crash"!)
32.4 degrees F and steady (that means heavy and wet/melting);
98% humidity;
29.12" Hg Pressure and falling;
looks to be approaching 3" of snow in places;
no record-able wind-speed presently.

We are going to have an interesting night once the wind cranks up, or if a lot more snow is added to the equation.


Tracy Novick said...

Also, the above photo is no longer accurate...

Karl Hakkarainen said...

When the snow started this afternoon, we moved my wife's car to make it easier for plowing in the morning. A branch fell on the spot where her car is normally parked.