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Sunday, March 25, 2012

What a Week ((Month) Season)

That was a weird week!

But first, some notes from today's news in Canada:

"Northern British Columbia sees near record snowpack levels"
"Flooding continues across western New Brunswick"

No, no, no, this is not an apocalyptic post, BUT it is to say that I think I found where all of our rain and snow went!

So, the possible scattered showers predicted during the week all melted away the closer we got to the actual day expected. Similarly the rain predicted for last night and today melted from 0.10-.025" last night (actual recorded here was wet surface but no measurable accumulation) and the 70% chance of showers today is already down to 30% and the humidity is dropping!

Dry, warm, and RECORDS...

Thrs. RECORD 78 degrees F, prior 76 in 1938
Weds. RECORD 73 degrees F, prior 71 in 1921
Tues. (we only missed by 1 degree!)
Mon. RECORD 78 degrees F, prior 71 in 1894
Sun. RECORD 74 degrees F, prior 65 in 1999

And then there is the missing water...
Generally by this point in March we ought to have something on the order of 3.20" of accumulation of precipitation, instead we have 1.54".
Generally by this point in the year we ought to have something on the order of 9.92" of accumulation of precipitation, instead we have 5.94"

This gets into trick territory...
The vernal pool species all came out early because of the warmth, and they bred and laid their eggs, only the vernal pools are trying to dry up as if it were July.
Very bad news for amphibians indeed.

But it is overcast, and it did lightly precipitate, and the humidity was a little higher this morning, and there isn't a stiff wind,
So the Fire Danger Class is down from VERY HIGH to MODERATE.
That is goodish news for the moment.

The weather conditions here at the Lodge at 11:10am:

47.1 degrees F and rising;
50% humidity and falling;
29.12" of Hg Pressure and steady;
Occasional breeze;
No recorded precipitation, but trace amounts observed;
USFS Fire Danger is MODERATE

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