Cascading Waters can be found at 135 Olean Street on the eastern edge of Worcester's northwest parklands, the Cascades. The Cascades are 350 acres of park and conservation lands along the borders of Worcester, Paxton, and Holden, Massachusetts. Home to countless species of plants and animals, the Cascades are open to passive recreation year-round.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Beautiful Morning

The Cascades Brook has returned to a more normal 5.5" (with no feet being recorded!)

Green bulb based plants are popping up everywhere and there is a virtual carpet of Bloodwort in the back.
As you look at the twin brook channels (with one now unused) you can see where the storms scoured away all the leaves with clear evidence of where the waters once flowed.

Presently there is an occasional light breeze, blue skies, with some whispy high altitude clouds.
The temperature is just poking over 52 degrees at 7:34 am;
The pressure is 29.38" and stead;

And things have dried out, and there is leaf litter everywhere, and a gentle breeze....

Now this is going to seem mind bending BUT...


Be very careful with sparks, heat, fire, when out in the woods. Bad day for a brush pile burning folks.

We may have only recently had flooding, but yesterday we were at HIGH and since then we have only gotten drier. ALSO there are winds predicted for later in the day that would not help were there a fire in progress.

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