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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Cold day to vote!

We're posting a bit late today, as we took a bit of the morning to walk down to the polls. Cold out there today!
(Go vote, anyway!)

The cold means that Cook's Pond is starting to get a coat of ice; it's a bit bigger every morning. As it looks like we have only a slight chance of getting above freezing for any length of time this week, that will only continue. Most of the snow we got over the weekend has stuck around, except in the spots that get a lot of sun.
The stream this morning, which is still running briskly, is at 5 inches even.
The barometer (at noon) is at 29.47 and rising; that will change over the course of the afternoon, as we've got a storm coming in.
Current temperature here is just 40, with a bit of a breeze. It was 30 when I check this morning at 7 am.

Snow coming in tonight, through tomorrow lunchtime: could add up to several inches. Best chance of a snow day we've had so far this year!

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